Who Are The Ahlus Sunnah

In August 2016, an international Islamic conference was organised in Grozny, Chechnya, where more than 200 Islamic scholars from all around the world gathered to reaffirm who are the ‘Ahl As-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah? 

Scores of Islamic leaders and Shayukh from various countries including Egypt, Russia, Pakistan, India, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Others, unanimously spoke out against the growing Takfiri terrorism that is causing carnage across the world.

The Islamic scholars also wanted to awaken the world to the threat posed by the real terror groups which are ‘using the name of religion for personal geopolitical agendas’.

The world renowned scholars issued a statement re-affirming Sunni Islam and stressing the importance of reclaiming the title of Ahl As-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah.

We have translated the statement into English and Urdu, and have posted it in here for everyone’s benefit.

Even beloved Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) referred to the saved sect as Ahlus Sunnah Wa Jamaat. In the following narration the Ahlus Sunnah are being described as those with illuminated faces on the day of judgement. We should always keep our identify first and foremost as Ahlus Sunnah Muslims before any affiliation to a madhab, tariqa, maslak etc…