Water Appeal

Millions are without clean safe drinking water.

Water Appeal

Water is fundamental to life, yet even today millions of people already struggling against poverty lack access to clean and safe water sources. Donate a water pump as a means of everlasting charity for current and future generations.

A hand pump for a family or a well or water station for a community can transform lives. Clean and safe water improves health; it provides security and stability; it frees women and children from the daily chore of walking for hours to obtain water. That time can be devoted instead to pursuing education and livelihoods. For a donor who provides clean water as Sadaqah Jariyah, there are the rewards of ongoing blessings for themselves and their loved ones.

The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said the best form of charity is giving water (Hadith). Providing this source of life is not expensive – a hand pump is the equivalent of under 42p a day – but the rewards can be eternal. Donors receive a report and photos as part of our feedback process.

Save lives today by giving water!

Cholera and diseases like coronavirus continue to spreads in poor communities faster than ever before. Simply by providing clean water, you are helping them survive.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said
"Providing water is the best charity” (Abu Dawud)