Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Provide emergency relief

Thousands of people have died in Turkey and northern Syria in a massive earthquake.

A 7.8 magnitude quake near the city of Gaziantep, in south-eastern Turkey, has caused much devastation.

Thousands have become homeless and without the essentials of life as the earthquake has destroyed infrastructure and property. The collapse of thousands of buildings in the region has left families destitute and without food, water, shelter or medicines during bitter cold weather.

It is Turkey’s largest disaster since 1939. Your support is critical in helping the people in Turkey in their time of need. The Syrian refugees have been impacted in the worst possible way.


Donate Your Zakah and Sadaqh to help those affected the most by #TurkeyEarthquake

Suffah Foundation is working with its partner charity on the ground in Gazientep.

Help us to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters who have been traumatised by the earthquakes.