About Us

Islam came as a religion of peace and tranquillity spreading a canopy of mercy over the entire world. By implementing its teachings, the Muslims presented a civilised society before the world; one which raised the status of humanity and strengthened their ties with their spirituality. By spreading the message of equality and the deliverance of rights, they were able to eradicate all types of racial, territorial and all other types of prejudices.

Unfortunately all that remains of this golden era of peace and tranquillity are its memories. However, the golden rules, based upon which the early Muslims were able to conquer the hearts of the people of the world, are still with us in the form of the Qur’ān and the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The brilliant Islamic teachings of high moral conduct, outstanding character, fairness, compassion and mercy, if adopted, can once again bring contentment to our lives and allow us to spread happiness into the lives of others.

This message of peace has always been delivered and passed on from generation to generation by our scholars and spiritual leaders (Sufi’s). Through their teachings and practices they were able to nurture the souls of their students and present them before the world as ambassadors of peace, striving to strengthen such values as tolerance and dignity and respect for all human beings.

In today’s ever more troubled society, where humanity weeps and that impeccable moral conduct is long forgotten, there is a dire need for us to once again take up the teachings of the holy Prophet ﷺ and in light of these teachings, work to further this noble cause on all fronts; academic, religious, spiritual, social, missionary and humanitarian fronts.

The establishment of Suffah Foundation is an important link in this very chain, through which we hope to propagate this message of peace and mutual respect in a more organised and effective manner. By doing this, we hope to propagate a better understanding of Islam and strengthen the beliefs and practices of the Muslim Ummāh, in effect helping people to better their practices and awaken sentiments of compassion for humanity within them. Whilst also trying to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims through mutual understanding, peace and cooperation.

This is a unique opportunity for you to also become part of this global movement for peace and mutual respect by implementing the teachings of the Qur’ān and Sunnah within your lives.

We pray to Almighty Allāh, through the mediation of his beloved Messenger ﷺ to keep us all under his guardianship- always.

Umar Hayat Qādrī
Chairman, Suffah Foundation

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said
“Give (in charity) and do not give reluctantly lest Allah should give you in a limited amount; and do not withhold your money lest Allah should withhold it from you.”
[Bukhari 3:764]